To Blog or Not To Blog – That Is The Question

It’s a question that many businesses ask themselves when launching a new website: Do I need a blog? Typically, the answer is yes, with a great amount of benefits to backup the decision.


When it comes to law firms, however, the experts are split on the matter.


In true lawyerly fashion, let’s take a look at both sides of the argument before coming to a decision that could have a serious impact on the traffic to your law firm’s website.


The Yeas Have It


Search Engines Love Content

If you’re looking to pick up the traffic for your law firm’s website, a blog is a great place to start. Search engines such as Google love fresh content, and the more fresh content that a page produces over a period of time, the more Google will recognize that site as relevant within searches. By writing a monthly blog or adding posts several times through the month, Google will recognize that there is steady activity on the site as well, making it seem like the most up to date place for answers relevant to what you were searching for. This is just one way to up your SEO, or search engine optimization, strategy.


Blogs Show Your Expertise

One way to attract new clients to your business is to give them a sample of the productyou’re offering. Blogs are an online version of this tactic when used correctly for businesses. In the case of a law firm, it will have the same effect. You can’t give true legal advice that people should directly apply to their situations, but, you will be able to showcase how you speak to your clients and what type of assistance they’re going to get if they work with you. Being able to connect with your clients and potential future clients is incredibly important.


The Nays Have It


Not Enough Time For Dedicated Content

While experts are split on whether law firms need a blog or not, the real argument is, “Do I have time to write meaningful content on a regular basis?” For many, the answer is no. And if there’s one thing that is clear, it’s that a business – especially a law firm – should only be putting out their best product. If you can’t dedicate time to create expertly crafted content, perhaps a blog is not the best choice for your firm.


Inbound Marketing Is More Beneficial Than SEO-based Content

There are some that believe that business blogs, while once beneficial, are not what should be focused on when spending extra time improving a website. Inbound marketing has taken the digital world by storm over the last few years, and is a new type of marketing that captures data from users to help influence your next content strategies. While useful, some say that blogging should be done outside of the firm, so that all employees can focus on doing what they do best.


Where I Stand As The Founder Of A Law Firm


In my personal opinion, I don’t think there’s any harm in adding a blog page to your law firm’s main site. People are interested in content and getting a glimpse of how a company works these days when browsing online. However, it will be wise to heed the advice from naysayers – content that is not up to par with your firm’s abilities will ultimately hurt you. Make sure you have a dedicated expert helping out with your blog to ensure all strategies are executed correctly, and to ensure that you’re spending the right amount of time on this smaller side project.


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